We have a full range of mobility scooters from a folding scooter that fits nicely into the boot of a car right through to all terrain scooters which are highly durable for all types of ground conditions.  Some include lights, indicators and rear view mirrors. We can offer you all of the little extras: bags, rain covers, cane holder. These come in a variety of colours and designs from leading manufacturers.

As one of few Invacare dealers in Scotland, their scooters are known for high maneuverability, reliability and style, Invacare® scooters cover a wide range of mobility needs and offer streamlined looks and dependability. There is a wide choice available providing high levels of safety for everyday use: micro, mini, medium, large models. Now including the award winning Colibri, a boot scooter that’s built around choice and style.

Mobility scooters can offer you a great deal of independence. There are a lot of different types available – prices can range from under £400 to over £5,000, depending on the size and quality of the scooter.
Because there’s so much variety, think about what will suit you. Find a scooter that’s comfortable, easy to use and suited for the tasks you want to use it for.
Try out different types before you commit to anything. We aim to help you decide whether a scooter is for you and if so, what type to go for.
Please take time to read through our scooter information and when you’re ready to start looking give us a call!